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Object-Oriented Analysis And Design (OOAD)

  OOAD focuses on analyzing the requirement and designing the model of the system before the coding starts. OOAD is done to ensure the purpose and requirement of the system is captured and documented before the system is built. OOAD

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What is CLR, CTS, CLS in .NET?

  Common Language Runtime (CLR) One of the most important component of .NET framework is CLR, also known as runtime. It provides functionalities like Memory Management Exception handling Debugging Code Access Security (CAS) Thread Execution Compilation The runtime manages the

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Architecture of .NET Framework 3.5

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0, along with their service packs, form the foundation of .NET framework 3.5. As shown in figure, .NET Framework consists of the CLR, .NET framework Base Class Library, Windows Forms, ASP .NET, Console, ActiveX Data

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HTC And Tata Docomo Launches HTC 7 Mozart in India

HTC and Tata Docomo finally launched the Windows Phone 7 powered HTC 7 Mozart smartphone in India. This is the second Windows Phone 7 smartphone launched in India, after the HTC HD7 smartphone. If you are planning to check out

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