Object-Oriented Analysis And Design (OOAD)


OOAD focuses on analyzing the requirement and designing the model of the system before the coding starts. OOAD is done to ensure the purpose and requirement of the system is captured and documented before the system is built. OOAD consists of two phases.

  1. Object-oriented Analysis (OOA)
  2. Object-oriented Design (OOD)


Object-oriented Analysis (OOA) Object-oriented Design (OOD)
creating a model of a system based on what the user requires of the system adds detail and design to the model
takes a “black box” approach to the system, ignoring the inner working takes a “white box” approach and makes the decision on how the model will be implemented in the code
model is made in user’s perspective design takes place in developer’s perspective
abstracting from the problem domain. primary classes and objects are identified. new classes are added to provide mechanisms that enable the system to work
implementation environment is not considered implementation environment is considered

B.E in Electronics and Telecommunications from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Currently working on Microsoft's .NET and SQL Server Technology

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