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PDF file Generation using XSLFO and FOP in .NET

Introduction This article describes how to create a PDF document using XSLFO and Apache FOP. In the example I will be exporting datatable to pdf, which we need frequently. While developing a .NET based applications, we often come to a

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XML Content formatting with CSS

As we all are aware of the power of XML technology. Even though the XML language doesn’t inherently include any mechanism for defining how a document looks, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) makes it possible to add a view to XML

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DataGrid/Gridview to Excel file generation

I have often feel the need for developers to generate an Excel report requirement. Here is a small code snippet to produce the same. C# Code string path = Path.GetTempFileName(); StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(path); HtmlTextWriter htmlWriter = new HtmlTextWriter(writer);

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Introduction to Requirements Planning and Management

Requirements planning and management is key to business analyst. It plays a vital role in determining the project’s success. They should be structured and executed in proper format to avoid any inconsistency during project execution. As a business analyst, planning

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