Introduction to Requirements Planning and Management

Requirements planning and management is key to business analyst. It plays a vital role in determining the project’s success. They should be structured and executed in proper format to avoid any inconsistency during project execution. As a business analyst, planning and managing requirements allows you to monitor and react to requirement challenges, capture changes correctly and consistently, and ensure that the necessary tools and resources are available for requirement activities.

Requirements planning and management consists of defining planning tasks and activities, and outlining the resources needed for these tasks and activities. The main inputs to requirement and planning management flow from the enterprise analysis stage, when business opportunities are identified and solution defined. The inputs to requirement and planning management are

  • the business environment analysis : defines the current business environment.
  • the enterprise requirements scope : defines the scope of the business problem to be solved.
  • the feasibility assessment  : identifies each of the solution options and map to the requirements.

The key outputs from the requirement and planning management are a list of project team members and their roles, a list of stakeholders and their relationship to project, a list of requirement gathering tasks and division of work, and list of tools used to gather and communicate requirements.

For a business analyst, tasks involved in requirements and planning may be stated as follows

  • identify team roles
  • if more than one business analyst, then divide the works
  • how to deal with requirement risk
  • planning considerations
  • select requirement activities
  • estimate requirement activities
  • manage requirement scope
  • measure and reporting
  • manage requirements change

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