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Using NHibernate in ASP .NET

Introduction We often need to create a Data Access Layer (DAL), which takes our business objects and performs CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) in physical data store. If you have ever created the DAL you will come to know

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Introduction In this article we will see how we can make use of jQuery library to make AJAX calls in ASP .NET with the help of HTTPHANDLERS. Also, the use of JSON (Javascript Object Notation) which is a format describing

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Web Custom Controls

Introduction This article describes the use of custom web controls in ASP .NET. Sometimes, when the requirement becomes complex and it’s difficult to build them using the available standard ASP .NET server controls. We can create a web custom control

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PDF file Generation using XSLFO and FOP in .NET

Introduction This article describes how to create a PDF document using XSLFO and Apache FOP. In the example I will be exporting datatable to pdf, which we need frequently. While developing a .NET based applications, we often come to a

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DataGrid/Gridview to Excel file generation

I have often feel the need for developers to generate an Excel report requirement. Here is a small code snippet to produce the same. C# Code string path = Path.GetTempFileName(); StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(path); HtmlTextWriter htmlWriter = new HtmlTextWriter(writer);

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